Our family law practice is dedicated to helping you resolve the difficult issues associated with divorce, property division, child custody, spousal and child support, and restraining orders. We also provide straightforward advice and practical solutions to issues involving guardianships, prenuptial agreements, paternity, and grandparents’ rights. We always strive to protect our clients’ interests, rights, and goals, while preserving the dignity of all of the persons involved in the process, and helping them to rebuild their lives. Our law firm has expertise in many related areas of legal practice, such as real estate and business law, and we have the skills and experience to handle large and complex marital estates.


Successful dissolution of marriage. Our firm was approached by a couple who amicably decided to terminate their marriage, but were unfamiliar with the court process and overwhelmed. We quickly and efficiently assisted the clients in preparing and filing all of the necessary documents required to dissolve their marriage pursuant to their agreement.

Our client was faced with a motion filed by the father of her first child seeking to terminate her joint custody and to severely limit her visitation with the child due to a domestic violence conviction. Our office opposed the motion and successfully defended our client through trial. Upon conclusion of the trial, the Court denied the opposing party’s motion to terminate our client’s joint custody and maintained the status quo visitation schedule.

Our client filed a petition for dissolution of marriage on his own and struggled for a couple of years in trying to move the matter towards resolution without involving legal counsel. Finally, he sought the assistance of an attorney and our office was able to successfully negotiate division of the community property estate without the necessity of a court trial and brought the matter to a satisfactory resolution.

Successful negotiated settlement of large estate through private mediation. We represented an elderly woman in a divorce involving the division of a multi-million dollar estate comprised of multiple homes, several retirement accounts, military retirement, and numerous investment accounts. Although the husband was initially uncooperative, we were able to bring the case to a successful negotiated settlement through a private mediation, rather than through an expensive and damaging trial.

Successful negotiated settlement of substantial estate through private mediation. We represented a husband in a divorce involving a substantial community property estate, including multiple residences, retirement funds, inheritance funds, and investment accounts. Rather than taking the dissolution proceedings to an expensive, bitterly contested trial, we were able to successfully resolve the case in private mediation.

Successfully defended natural parents’ parental rights after a four-day court trial. We represented the natural parents. The maternal grandparents filed a Petition for Guardianship, which was denied after we effectively defended our clients’ parental rights in a four-day trial.

Successfully settled a dissolution dispute for a modest retainer after a client had already paid $150,000.00 in legal fees to his former attorney. In a recent case that came to us, the potential client had already spent $150,000.00 in legal fees, although some necessary procedural steps had not been completed by his former counsel. We asked him for a modest $3,000.00 retainer, straightened out the paperwork, and settled the case in informal talks with the other party’s lawyer.

Won award of joint custody and visitation after only one court hearing. In a case in which we represented the father of a toddler and an infant, we were able to obtain a 50/50 custody and visitation schedule at one court hearing.

Favorable resolution of entire case at a settlement conference. Representing a father in a child custody and visitation matter, we took the proceedings to a settlement conference where the entire action resolved, instead of sending the parties through an expensive and time-consuming child custody evaluation and trial.

Brought appellate defense action and state court comtempt action on behalf of client seeking enforcement of Marital Settlement Agreement against former spouse living on east coast. This case is still in litigation in appellate and trial courts. We represent Wife in an appellate defense and in a contempt action, in which Wife seeks enforcement of a Marital Settlement Agreement that awarded her spousal support and a large equalizing payment.

Supervised visitation arrangement lifted, and custody and visitation modified, after only one court hearing. After only one hearing, we helped father to lift a supervised visitation arrangement and modify child custody and visitation, allowing Father more time with his teenage son in unsupervised visits.

Guardianship. Our office assisted the maternal grandmother of two (2) children in obtaining guardianship over the children as they had parents who were unwilling and unfit to provide for the minors. Richard went to trial and successfully obtained permanent guardianship for our client despite the objections of the biological father.

Won sole custody for father of teenage children. We represented a father of two teenage children. We helped the father to obtain sole child custody, due to the children’s absence and tardiness in school while in Mother’s custodial care, and due to Mother’s unstable living conditions.