At the Law Offices of Richard Sax, our business litigation attorneys in Santa Rosa, California want you to be as equipped as possible to handle any kind of business dispute. We assist individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and companies in business litigation. With Richard Sax’s business savvy, we are able to advise our clients of the safest practices that work for their businesses.

Before any lawsuit happens, get prepared with these steps.


Seek an Attorney’s Advice Ahead of Time

Business litigation can be very costly. Our business litigation attorneys will help protect your business by aiding you with the preparation of contracts and with proper planning and documentation. Seeking the advice of an attorney ahead of time means that you are building a strong foundation for your business. With our advice, clients are normally able to avoid litigation altogether.

Document Everything

Careful record keeping and document organization are the vital to protecting your business. This includes conversations. Taking notes on any business discussion is more dependable than relying on your memory. And if you are brought to trial, you have documented proof of what you talked about. In your notes, include the following:

  • Who was present
  • The date
  • Subject(s) of the conversation
  • Whether there was an agreement or disagreement

Document your calendar as well. Keeping a calendar is more than just good business strategy. Knowing what happened when can often dispel many business disputes and help your business litigation attorney help you.
Of course, keeping written documents like emails and any paperwork organized is important too.

Once a lawsuit has been filed, it is time to take some extra precautions.


Preserve Evidence

Do not delete or edit any evidence having to do with your dispute. Doing so will be seen as unfavorable in court.

Do Not Create New Evidence

This means no emails or any other document should be sent to the opposing party once business litigation is underway. Additionally, limit verbal communication.

Know When to Reach Out to Your Business Litigation Attorney

If you think that court might be on the horizon, reach out to your business litigation attorney. It is never too soon to ask for help. Advice from an expert is crucial to avoiding litigation and/or having the most successful trial possible.

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