Injuries suffered through car accidents, defective products, or dangerous property conditions can have a significant effect on your life. If you have been injured in an accident, suffered due to negligent care, or endured the wrongful death of a loved one, we are here to help.

$200,000.00 recovery against a major insurance company. We represented plaintiff in an underinsured motorist action.

$170,000.00 recovery against a major airline company. We represented plaintiff who suffered a broken neck and other serious injuries due to the negligence of the pilot and employees of the aircraft which experienced a high level of turbulence.

$60,000.00 settlement in a case involving a fall at a well-known grocery store. We represented plaintiff who tripped and fell in the parking lot of a grocery store. Plaintiff suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of not properly maintaining the parking lot.

$1,350,000.00 recovery in a motor vehicle accident case. We represented plaintiff, who suffered catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle accident involving a major transportation company. Plaintiff underwent extensive spinal surgery.

$1,000,000.00 recovery in a personal injury and breach of contract case. We represented plaintiffs, members of a Native American tribe, in an action against tribal leaders for personal injuries and breach of contract. The tribe, represented by an international law firm specializing in Native American law, asserted the defense of sovereign immunity. The federal court upheld plaintiffs’ complaint, referring the case to the Tribal Council for further meetings according to Native American law. At the same time, the matter preceeded through formal mediation conferences in the District Court before Magistrate Choi. After numerous Tribal Council meetings and mediation conferences, the matter was put up to a vote of the Tribal Council. Plaintiffs prevailed, obtaining a very high percentage of the Tribal Council’s vote and a $1,000,000.00 settlement.

$500,000.00 recovery in a case against a major pharmaceutical retailer. We represented plaintiff, who sustained injuries when a pharmacy employee failed to fill a prescription in accordance with the orders of a physician, and entered erroneous data onto the label of the medication bottle. Plaintiff was awarded $500,000.00 after mediation.

Favorable total half-million dollar settlement in a catastrophic fire action. We represented over twenty plaintiffs in a commercial slumlord action with multiple parties, arising out of the most catastrophic fire in Mendocino County history. After hard-fought court proceedings establishing the landlord’s liability, each commercial tenant was awarded damages according to the sum of their verifiable losses.

$475,000.00 recovery in a case involving the sexual abuse of a minor at a group home. We represented an adult woman, who had been sexually abused when she was a minor by a worker in a Sonoma County group home. Plaintiff suffered emotional and mental injuries.

$275,000.00 settlement at mediation in a dog-bite case. We represented plaintiff, who rescued her dog from a vicious attack by defendant’s pit bull. Defendant knew that his pit bull had vicious propensities, but let his pit bull off of its leash in a playground. Plaintiff’s dog suffered severe injuries during the unprovoked pit bull attack. Plaintiff sustained a serious injury in her right shoulder, for which she had to have arthroscopic surgery, as well as suffering dog bites and scratches and emotional distress. Plaintiff, a registered nurse, was unable to work without pain for six and a half months, until she underwent the arthroscopic surgery.

$200,000.00 settlement in an action against a major energy corporation, after obtaining relief from bankruptcy court and resolving esoteric issues involving mining claims. This action arose out of a catastrophic wild land fire that burned over 12,000 acres. We obtained a $200,000.00 settlement on behalf of our client at mediation.

$150,000.00 recovery in a case against a major pharmaceutical company. We represented plaintiff, who became addicted as a result of taking medication manufactured by a major pharmaceutical company. Plaintiff obtained $150,000.00 at mediation.

$150,000.00 recovery in a case involving a fall after a scaffolding collapse. We represented plaintiff, who was invited to walk on scaffolding that had been built by defendant. When plaintiff stepped onto the scaffolding, it collapsed, causing plaintiff to fall to the ground, two stories below. Plaintiff, who sustained a left ankle fracture and broken ribs, was awarded $150,000.00.

$145,000.00 recovery in a slumlord case. We represented 22 plaintiffs in a case against a residential slumlord, in which we were also awarded the right to pursue punitive damages.

$125,000.00 recovery in a dog-bite case. We represented plaintiff, whose upper lip was injured as a result of a dog bite, leaving her with a permanent scar. Plaintiff was awarded $125,000.00 after multiple mediation and settlement conferences.

$100,000.00 policy limits settlement after a multiple-vehicle accident. We represented plaintiff, who was stopped in traffic when defendant, fast approaching plaintiff, looked down at his ringing cell phone. By the time defendant looked back at the roadway, he could not avoid a collision, and the front end of defendant’s car crashed into the rear of plaintiff’s vehicle. Then the front end of plaintiff’s car collided with the rear of another vehicle. As a result of the accident, plaintiff suffers from a permanent chronic pain syndrome and traumatic brain injuries. We demanded and received $100,000.00 in policy limits from defendant, and are currently pursuing underinsured benefits.

$55,000.00 recovery on behalf of a minor child who had been sexually abused by her uncle. Our client bravely complained to the authorities, which resulted in criminal charges against her uncle, and also brought a civil claim against him.

$50,000.00 settlement above workers’ compensation in a restaurant kitchen slip-and-fall. We represented an individual in a workers compensation action and in a third party civil action. The individual, a chef, suffered injuries following a slip and fall in a restaurant kitchen area.

$50,000.00 settlement for an individual injured by a massage therapist. We represented plaintiff, who was treated by defendant, a massage therapist. As a result of the treatment, plaintiff suffered a herniated disc and impingement upon the left nerve root.

$30,000.00 settlement for the driver of a vehicle that was struck in the rear. We represented plaintiff, who was in a vehicle at a complete stop due to traffic. Behind plaintiff’s vehicle, a car fast approached, traveling at 40-50 mph. Because of its unsafe speed, the car was unable to stop, and rear-ended plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck and back.

Achieved the resolution of a wrongful death action after eight years of litigation. We represented the children of a depressed woman who died of self-inflicted injuries after she was furnished with a loaded handgun by her husband, our clients’ step-father.

Achieved the resolution of a wrongful death/medical malpractice case involving a psychiatrist who gave his client access to a loaded handgun. We represented the mother of a troubled young woman, who committed suicide after her therapist allowed her access to a loaded handgun.