Very good experience with Richard and his team so far! Couldn’t be happier with his customer service and is professionalism! —Jonathan Lee

After fighting foreclosure on my own for years by raising legal challenges it was time to turn it over to a professional. Knowing that most homeowners lose I needed the best attorney possible because I couldn’t lose my home of thirty years. After much research on Google scholar it was narrowed down to three or four attorneys or law firms in Northern California based on repeated success for homeowners against the bank. One stood out not only for having a published opinion but also because I’d hired him years earlier to successfully represent me in a partnership dispute and that was Richard Sax. He has all the qualities that you want in an attorney. He’s a sharp and experienced litigator who’s driven to win and respected by the courts and the opposition. He’s also honest and wants the best result for his clients. His communication skills are excellent, he listens and works with the client and always promptly responds to emails which I understand is kind of unusual. There aren’t that many attorneys willing to go up against big business and the banks on the behalf of the little guy but this is something at which Sax excels. Foreclosure litigation is complex involving multiple areas of the law and he is experienced in them all. Making his representation even more effective his practice includes highly regarded real estate attorney, William Matz. His paralegals and staff are always cordial and helpful and this means a lot in something as nerve wracking as fighting a financial institution trying to take your home. His successful representation has prevented my home from being foreclosed on and I give him the highest possible recommendation. —Isis L.

The Law Office of Richard Sax is very professional and accommodating. I always trust that my stressful matters will be properly handles by all of the personal in Richard Saw’s office. Thank you everyone for helping me feel at ease. —Tina V.

I have needed a lawyer a few times. Richard Sax and his team of paralegals do outstanding work. I have referred Sax and his team to a few friends of mine who were in a legal bind and didn’t know what to do. All of the cases Sax has done for me and my friends have been very professionally done with favorable results with each case. —Clint S.

Since 2014 Mr. Sax and his Team has been my only lawyer and with Real Estate and Family Law issues and he really knows his stuff. Very happy with him going to bat for my cases, in which he won and we received the settlement. (He is working on collecting a small claims judgment now for me) Also as a family lawyer, he handled it sufficiently and quickly. I have recommended him to a friend who needed his assistance in family law and she is very happy with his service also. His Team is always willing to answer or at least find out any of my questions. And believe me, I had lots!! — Kathy G.

Thank you for all your help over the years! I appreciate you all so much…..next time I call, hopefully it will be for something more cheerful! —Lyal L.

Richard and Tiana, Thank you for your help and patience! —Dan P.

I am very grateful that you stuck by my side and helped me with my case. I don’t know of any other attorney who would have footed such a large bill, but thanks to you Richard, you were able to get me what was rightfully owed to me. I am so thankful for your kindness and help throughout my case. —Nicole W.

Dear Richard, Jim, and staff, Thank you for the last 8 years of work you’ve done on our case. We appreciate it and are so grateful for it to be over. You guys have become like family. —Sunshine D.

Not only did Mr. Sax help me through an absolute nightmare of an estate case with family, he took on another personal case my husband and I had, no questions asked. You need him he is right there by your side never turns his back on you and is a shark in the courtroom. He knows his stuff!! Is not afraid to call it as it is!! He is kind, caring, truly wants the best for his clients and will do right by you when our lovely justice system has other plans. He is sharp and never have to wonder and wait for a call back or email!! He is on the case for his clients. I cannot thank this man enough or show my appreciation to him and staff for taking care of my family and I!! Truly a blessing in my life!! I will forever be a client and Mr. Sax and Sunny will always hold a special place in my heart!! I can’t thank him enough!! —Nicole W.

I was trying to be civil in my separation. But my ex was on drugs and a bit scary. I contacted Mr. Sax and he took my case. He saved our kids and he’s saving my part of the business and property. Everyone at this firm is very helpfully and very professional. I’m so grateful and appreciate all of them. Thank you so much. —Kimberly S.

This is the second time we’ve need the guidance of an attorney in the last few years. Our initial experience with Richard Sax was great, so we went back to him recently. Once again we received excellent advice to deal with a sticky situation. A big ‘thumbs up’ for this law firm. —William S.

Hi this is Isabel Y. and you just finished my trust and will last week. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the excellent service I received from both Mr. Sax and your staff. I had put off dealing with my estate for far too long and I was so happy about how easy you made it and the help you gave me in the areas I had questions about. Thank you. — Isabel Y.

Richard Sax and his staff helped me change my business to a LLC. I attempted to do this myself but the process was too complicated, overwhelming, and time consuming to figure out. They made it easy and did everything so fast. I wish I would have contacted Richard earlier because the peace of mind I now have for protecting personal assets is such a great feeling. Getting this done was a huge weight lifted for me and my family and we are so grateful for the help. If you need any kind of help with legal matters then you need to contact the Law Offices of Richard Sax. I can guarantee you will be glad you did! —Cynthia F.

Richard, Diane and Staff, I wanted to thank you all for believing in us and working so very hard for our case. This has been a very difficult 11 months and knowing we have you fighting for us takes some of the stress and burden off of me. In a year of tremendous loss for my family you have continued to show us that there is good in this world! —Tami F.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service provided by Richard Sax Law Firm. Focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for his client. Mr. Sax has an excellent knowledge of the law, and believes in meticulous preparation of his cases, which is evident when you discuss matters with him. When interacting or working with him, the timeliness of his responses is unparalleled. He is superb. Mr. Sax is one of the shining examples of professional, caring and knowledgeable attorneys. He listened, advocated, and kept me informed throughout the proceedings of my case. I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness and extensive legal expertise of Mr. Sax. On a personal note, I really enjoyed working with Mr. Sax through the process of my case. I could not be more satisfied. Mr. Sax was quick to take appropriate action. He shows a genuine concern with the legal questions that arise in the course of our doing business. He provided me with wise counsel, good guidance, exceptional advice, communication and follow-through. I highly recommend Richard Sax Law Firm and his paralegal staff. Special thanks and gratitude to Paralegal April, in the handling of my case. —Clary

The office of Richard Sax can only be described superlatives. I probably know 50 lawyers personally and picked Richard to help with my auto accident. —Dan McCaskell, Ph.D.

We would recommend Richard Sax for the following reasons: 1. He is on time for meetings; 2. Very fair with his billings, broken into quarter hour charges; 3. Good office response to phone calls; 4. Flexible payments; 5. Very knowledgeable in most legal fields; 6. Has good recommendations for other law offices – if needed; and, 7. Very professional prose in letters he writes on my behalf. We would highly recommend him to a friend who might need a lawyer. Sincerely yours, —Doug Foris and Christina Nygren

Greetings, we hope all is well with you and everybody at your office. We are doing great up here in Washington and are blessed to have a new start. First Kim and I would like thank you for all your hard work and continued excellence in your work for us. You and your staff have not wavered or stopped the fight…Without you guys we are left completely unprotected from a broken system and deranged individual. You guys have been very patient with us and my rant via email, phone, or in person. Sorry Sunny! You always were very professional with me even when I wasn’t. Second, Richard and staff, you guys have been very gracious with us in reducing your costs back in 2012 and then with our bill from this past fall and winter. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness. It helps us so much in taking care of our family…you guys did a terrific job. In the future when we need you and your staff we know we can count on you. Sincerely, —Anthony and Kim B.

Richard Sax represented my husband and me in an extremely lengthy and difficult case against Bank of America. He and his office and paralegals were kind, clear, thorough, patient and always helpful. When I was out of state on family business, the paralegal assigned to my case made sure to notify me about paperwork and an upcoming hearing. I was always kept abreast of matters at hand and always treated with courtesy. We have recommended numerous friends to Richard Sax and will call on him again if we ever need the advice of an attorney. I especially appreciated his ability to think outside the box and to listen to and incorporate our thoughts as applicable. He is not a “shark.” If you want a “shark,” look elsewhere. if you are looking for a good solid competent and fair attorney, who will listen to you and advise you well, Richard Sax and his office cannot be recommended highly enough. —Patricia R.

Having a resource like Richard, Sunny and his team on my side has been a tremendous asset. The peace, strength and sheer advantage that I felt going into court with Richard on my side helped me through what was undoubtedly the toughest time of my life. So many Lawyers are simply one guy in a shared, rented office. I’m sure they must be terribly intimidated by the combined knowledge, experience and resources of a real law firm like The Law Offices of Richard Sax. Richard’s team offers the versatility of many different legal disciplines with the strength that comes with the years of experience in each one. I’ll be sure to call on Richard and his team every time I have a legal issue to solve. —Lyal L.

Richard has helped me through a very difficult family dispute that I would have by no means been able to resolve on my own. I am very grateful for his guidance, support, and legal expertise. I feel comfortable consulting Richard in the future on any legal matter. I consider him a friend. —John Padilla

I’m relieved and thankful for your help in ensuring my daughter a happy and stable future. Thank you so much! —Leia

Richard Sax is a very knowledgeable and multi-talented attorney who can offer any client a multitude of services. I have used Richard’s talents for many years to help with anything from basic advice and questions to more complicated matters that other attorneys have shied away from, due to the complexities that certain cases may involve. Richard has lent his professionalism and expedient yet knowledgeable help on many occasions to me, my family, and my friends. Over the years, Richard Sax has always been my first and only choice for any legal matters, important questions, or concerns, as his knowledge base of law is full-spectrum. I have always been able to rely on Richard’s law practice to get things done in a timely, accurate, and professional manner. —Jaime Moldowan

Richard, thanks for sending the current brochure from your office. It ‘blew me away.’ You’ve been doing some amazing and interesting cases. Especially impressive are the civil rights victories on your list, including police misconduct and prisoners’ rights. These are extraordinarily difficult. Very few lawyers would even consider taking on these kinds of cases, much less taking them to trial. If an occasion arises where I need associate trial counsel, or if anyone asks for a reference, I’ll certainly keep you in mind. —David Grabill, Attorney

Congratulations on a job well done…You had extraordinary patience and a willingness to analyze the case from every angle in order to encourage a resolution. You did a fine job representing your clients. Great settlement, great work. It was a pleasure mediating with you. Thank you for your courtesy, cooperation, perseverance and commitment to the mediation process. I look forward to working with you again. —Hon. Ellen Sickles James, Ret.

Richard I just want to thank you so much for the excellent job you did for us Plaintiffs… we couldn’t have accomplished any of this without your hard work and assistance. Thank you again Richard, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs a great attorney. —Pam Clark

Thank you for all you did. I appreciated your calm manner. Thank you so much for a successful outcome. —Sharon

Thank you so much for helping Kim and I stand up to her ex-husband and fight for Spencer’s life. Your kindness is much appreciated! —The Butler Family

Dear Richard and Staff, I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to you personally as well as your fine staff (mostly Sunny) in the handling of my case for child custody and visitation. From the very beginning you made the process clearer and therefore easier for me and this was something that was a huge boon to me personally as I was struggling mightily with the unnecessary fear of losing my son altogether. You made me realize the utter folly of my thinking at the time and set my mind to ease and this was something that allowed me to cope better with my extreme feelings at the time and move in the right direction with my case. Your staff was always expedient, professional and friendly in helping answer my questions when you were not available. Again, a lot of this helped put my overactive and imaginative mind to ease that things would work out with the case. This is something that maybe from a legal stand point seems minimal but for me personally was significant. Please give Sunny my great thanks as well. And most importantly (by far) you and your office helped achieve the desired results as far as the current custody and visitation arrangement goes. I feel like the current arrangement is the best possible result for everybody concerned. My son and I have been enjoying our visits and time together here in Citrus Heights immensely and the added summer and vacation times have been simply wonderful. It has been a terrific development for all concerned and there are actually three very happy people to include myself, my son (most importantly) and even my ex-wife who are well satisfied with the arrangement and outcome. It has also helped us move towards a better understanding and parenting relationship. We’ve truly established something that is not only best for our son Joshua right now and as he adjusts to his new surroundings but also allows us both to work together far into the future even as our son becomes a young adult and develops his own individuality and independent life. This is something that is due in good part because of your help and representation of my case. I also have benefited greatly from the whole experience and can tell you emphatically – I am a much wiser, kinder and better person for it. Sorry to make this so long but words truly do not embrace the gratitude I have for you and the satisfaction and true joy I feel now that the matter is completely resolved. So once again-thank you so very much for representing me in this case and your involvement has meant so much to me and my son and many others. I will give you the highest reference and recommendation should I come in contact with anyone needing legal services and counsel and I certainly would not hesitate to use your services myself (if needed) in the future. —Richard F.

Thank you again, we just got the Amended Birth Certificate in the mail! What a happy day for my son, Michael. I sure appreciate how competently you handled it all. —Sandy Tucker Melikian

I’m totally thrilled. I think you all did a very very good job…let me reiterate I am totally thrilled and you did a most fantastic awesome job. —Mike M.

Hello Richard, I started my first day of DUI school today where we all shared about our cases and sentences, etc. I was pleased to learn that I got a fairly light sentence compared to others who had lower BAC. So I’m just sending you a note of thanks for doing the best for my case! Moving on. —MJ Oliveri

I have always been pleased with Mr. Sax and his work that is why I continue to come back to him for representation when needed. —Patricia Galimba