If you have been injured in a car accident in Santa Rosa, California, there is a lot on your mind. Not only might you have to recover from serious injuries which take months of rehab, you also have medical bills that are piling up fast. It is a scary and stressful time, and the future of your job, your health, and your life, in general, are all on hold. The last thing you need right now is having to deal with an attorney who does not see you as an individual and have your best interests in mind.

Speed Limit 10Each year in the North Bay area, many people are involved in an auto collision and sustain injuries, some of them serious. A majority of these accidents occur due to high speeds, distractions like mobile phones, and driving under the influence. You might need compensation for medical bills and surgery, lost wages, or someone to help you deal with the insurance company who could be trying to settle your case for pennies.

At the Law Offices of Richard Sax, you not only get a personal injury attorney who has forty years of experience, but you get someone who treats you personably, with dedication to your case. Our company takes the business of lawyering seriously – it is not just a career for us, but our calling. We do not waste time and leave you hanging when you have so much to deal with all at once.

You need someone who understands the court process and who can help you get through it. Richard Sax is an experienced car accident lawyer who can explain your rights to you and protect your interests. We are always available to you for any questions you may have and knows how to navigate through the legal system, which can be quite complex.

Our attorney will also deal directly with the insurance companies and bill collectors while we are handling your case so these are things you do not have to worry about while you are recovering. We all know what a hassle these things can be on top of an already stressful situation, which is why one of our aims is to lift that off of your shoulders.

When you put your trust in the Law Offices of Richard Sax, you can rest in knowing that you have someone who will be by your side throughout your case. Contact us by dialing (707) 525-1824 as soon as possible so we can give you a free consultation, options that are affordable for you, and a flexible payment plan.