Our legal team is experienced in civil litigation and in all phases of construction, with a real understanding of how construction problems intertwine with legal solutions. Attorneys in our law firm can communicate with the parties on both sides of construction projects, in terms that everyone understands. Our experienced attorneys have long-standing working relationships with respected engineers, accountants, and other construction experts, to provide practical support when complicated issues arise in litigation.

Successful $300,000.00 settlement in a construction defect action. We represented plaintiffs, who filed a lawsuit against a home builder, alleging that their new home was improperly constructed. Plaintiff’s home had numerous defects, resulting in major damage to the home and its contents, as well as mold contamination. Plaintiffs incurred financial costs and suffered physical ailments from the construction defects.

A $250,000.00 settlement in a case involving a deficient slab foundation. After compelling defendants to mediate the controversy pursuant to their written contract, we obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for plaintiffs in a construction defect case involving a home builder, six subcontractors, and a home warranty company. The slab foundation that had been used on the subject property seite did not perform to its intended design, causing significant structural defects.