Give your family and loved ones the best chance they have at evading probate by hiring Richard Sax as your trust attorney in Santa Rosa, California. For someone who has never done it before, setting up trust can feel like a brand new type of ballgame. How do you do it? What kind of state laws do you need to keep in mind? You don’t have to play hardball by yourself—hire the big leagues to do the job.

For more than three decades, Richard has worked as a lawyer in California, so he is accustomed to the laws of the area. He is known to be great at simplifying the process and explaining to his clients what is happening so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Richard and his team are experienced and ready to help cover all of your bases in setting up your fund.

Putting together your plan with a knowledgeable attorney is vital because having the court legally approve your wishes can be a big pain. It can get incredibly expensive and take a long time to go through. Even worse, your valuables could end up somewhere you never wanted them to be.

Don’t let the court make decisions that should be made by you. Call 707-525-1824 or email to set up a free consultation right off the bat.