The real estate litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard Sax are revered as the best trial attorneys not just in Santa Rosa but in all of California. Our litigators always keep the client’s best interests in mind, and we aim to solve your real estate litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Beginning Representation

We begin every representation with a candid case assessment and, if applicable, pre-litigation advice, so that our clients always know where they stand. Because we are aggressive advocates in court, our effectiveness at trial practice often paves the way for opponents to seek settlement, which we pursue and structure to our clients’ best advantage.

A Different Approach

Unlike other Sonoma County firms, we do not take a pyramid approach to staffing a case—instead, Richard Sax will assess your case, take depositions, attend hearings, represent you in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, at trial, and handle any necessary appeals. Richard Sax’s definition of winning is to achieve the best result for each client in the most efficient way possible, not with an army of lawyers, but with one or two smart and experienced trial attorneys with the right plan for each case, whether in state or federal court.

Knowledge of California Law

Each state and county has a different set of real estate laws and regulations to abide by, so it is imperative that your trial attorney is adverse in the laws of the land. Richard Sax and his team of real estate litigation attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of disputes all over California for over 80 years. To this day, Richard appears in federal and state courts on a regular basis to represent clients in real estate litigation. We have the experience and knowledge needed to give you the representation you deserve in the courtroom.

Begin working with our expert real estate litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard Sax in Santa Rosa, California by calling (707) 525-1824 or emailing for a free initial consultation.